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Fashion Men Black Camouflage Casual Shoes Loafers
Fashion Men Black Camouflage Casual Shoes Loafers
Fashion Men Black Camouflage Casual Shoes Loafers
Condition: New
Material: Fabric upper, pigskin insole and lining, rubber sole
Foot length
Mens footwear size
9.1 inch (23 cm)
US 5.5/Euro 38/UK 5
9.25 inch (23.5 cm)
US 6/Euro 38.5/UK 5.5
9.5 inch (24.1 cm)
US 6.5/Euro 39/UK 6
9.63 inch (24.4 cm)
US 7/Euro 40/UK 6.5
9.75 inch (24.8 cm)
US 7.5/Euro 40.5/UK 7
9.94 inch (25.4 cm)
US 8/Euro 41/UK 7.5
10.13 inch (25.7 cm)
US 8.5/Euro 41.5/UK 8
10.25 inch (26 cm)
US 9/Euro 42/UK 8.5
10.44 inch (26.7 cm)
US 9.5/Euro 42.5/UK 9
10.56 inch (27 cm)
US 10/Euro 43/UK 9.5
10.75 inch (27.3 cm)
US 10.5/Euro 43.5/UK 10
10.94 inch (27.9 cm)
US 11/Euro 44/UK 10.5
* Note: This size chart is only for your reference. Different brands define footwear sizes with variation, so we process orders by customer's foot length specified in the order.
  • Camouflage upper.
  • Metallic toe box.
  • Soft and comfy.
  • High quality!
  • Matching modern retro dress suits, tuxedos, hats, bags, jewelry, accessories, etc. to complement the overall look sell in our other product categories.
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Choose your foot(not insole) length
$299.99 USD
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